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Posted by Cancork Floor INC on 06/07/2019

Cork Floor Tiles: A New and Green Alternative

Cork Floor Tiles: A New and Green Alternative

Are you planning to build a new home or renovate the old one? Plenty of things play an important role in the construction of a home. If you want to go with an eco-friendly approach for designing your home, then you should definitely try cork flooring.

The cork floor is one of the best options to design a beautiful floor of your home. It is a beneficial eco-friendly approach, which allows everyone to have comfortable flooring at a very reasonable cost. This flooring solution is getting popular among the people due to various reasons and you can find a number of providers online as well that are selling cork floor tiles.

Where you can use the cork floor?

The cork floor tiles are suitable for every area of your home. You can install it in your kitchen, bathroom, and outside areas as well. As the cork floors don’t absorb water and prevent molds as well. So, you can apply them in your bathroom, where you can find a high rate of moisture.

The washable and stain resistance quality of this flooring option allows you to design your kitchen perfectly. You will never face any kind of issue by using it. So, yes, it is a good solution for your home and you can complete the flooring project with cork tiles.  

What are the benefits of installing cork flooring?

1.    Water resistance:

One of the best advantages of cork tiles is that they are water resistant. Most of the floor tiles absorb water and improve the growth of molds, which is never good for your home. But, you don’t need to worry about this option. You can wash the floors and enjoy long term benefits by installing a cork floor in your home.

2.    Noise resistance:

The cork underlayment sound rating ensures the noise-free home. The wooden flooring always generates noise of walking and running on the floor, which is very daunting. But, if you want to create a quiet environment in your home, then the cork tiles are the best. They offer excellent noise resistance and allow you to avoid irritating noises.

3.    Durable:

The floor is very soft and durable as compared to the other flooring solutions. You can go for a long time with the cork tiles as they come with a long life span. Moreover, you don’t need to pay more on its maintenance and repair as it is very easy to maintain.  

How do you clean cork floors?

Cleaning is always an essential task at home and people face a lot of issues in cleaning wooden flooring. However, you can follow your regular cleaning routine to clean cork floors. You can wash the floors and remove the dust to bring shine. It will never damage the flooring and you don’t have to apply time-consuming methods. So, let’s buy cork wall tiles Canada and have the best advantages of flooring. In addition, you can also save a good amount on the maintenance cost.

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