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Posted by Cancork Floor INC on 04/04/2019

Choose A Floor With A Natural Cushion

Whilst green and renewable resources are catching the ye, it is only natural that different and innovative ideas will start flowing into the territory of interior designs and architecture. Hardwoods and exotic materials have been robbing the nature of its beauty; therefore, any material that cuts down the guilt is always welcome. As far as flooring is concerned, did you know that cork flooring is an exquisite option too?

How is cork flooring made? Where do you get the cork from?

Well, the cork is harvested from the trees while they are living without harming them or cutting them down for produce. The floor demands that the structure be hard such as to support the weight of the people. Therefore, this harvested cork is ground up into a fine powder and using the new age manufacturing technique is moulded and developed into sheets which have a better tensile strength.

With resins used as the bonding agent, it is then given a finishing touch which resembles a certain structure and looks aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. Cork flooring can be used anywhere in the house irrespective of the location. However, keeping the pragmatic aspects in mind, it is suggested that it should be used in the areas which is not too exposed to staining or liquid interaction.

What are the advantages?

Cork is soft and has a cushion like feel to it. Floor installation has people misled about the structural development. The polished and finished product such as cork wall tiles gives it the look and feel of a vinyl board that is used in most structures these days. However, the cork flooring is a great choice when you want to have an area where you need to spend hours standing.

Because of its cushion like structure, it is one of the recommended flooring materials for your kids’ rooms or for your grandparents’ rooms where they need a softer landing area. Given that it is a great insulator, you can strut about the room in your heels without making a sound. The cork underlayment sound rating is understated and lives up to the definition.

Floating cork flooring is the new in thing in the flooring business and it is always cost effective. It as antimicrobial properties, it can be repolished to give it a new and fresh look. You can also have it painted in a colour that suits the aesthetic and colour scheme of your house. It is environment friendly and always stands out as a style statement for the whole thing.

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