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Check Out The Kaafir Web Series Review

Review always plays an important role, whether it is about any product or a movie or web series and here we are reviewing one of the best web series, which is going ultimate success and popularity day by day. Did you hear about the Kaafir- an amazing web series starring – Dia Mirza and URI actor Mohit Raina? Well, this is something must to see as the story plot is fresh and it is all about love, sacrifice and humanity. What to know more about the story? Here is the review of the story which will surely push you to watch this so famous and amazing web series – can’t be missed out.

In the Kaafir Web Series Review - Kaafir is an Arabian word, which means a rejector as in Islam, those who don’t believe in God, have rejected the principles of the religion. The story is somehow like the same and it revolves around a 22-year-old Pakistani woman - Kainaaz Akhtar (performing by Dia Mirza), who due to some bad occurance is found near the Poonch river on the Indian side of the border. Since Kainaaz’s body is found on the Indian side, she is assumed to be one of the spies from Pakistan and gets imprisoned for seven years. During her time in prison, she also gives birth to a daughter named Sehar. This is how the story begins, where she comes across with a lawyer turned journalist- Vedant Rathor (Staring Mohit Raina) who investigated, found Kainaaz innocent and tried to convince a number of lawyers to take up Kainaaz’s case so that she and her daughter go back to their homes to Pakistan. When no one agreed to take up her complicated case, Vedant decides to take her to the court to give her quick justice, which she deserves.

The performances

Coming to the performances of all the stars including the little one – The Kainaaz’s daughter, all have done justice to their characters and performed brilliantly well. Also, this is called one of the best performances in Dia Mirza’s career, everything was perfect from her reactions to the expressions, body language, the way of dialogue delivery and everything else. Everything was performed to bind the public fully and help them feeling about the emotions, the pain and struggle of Kainaaz.

In the Zee5 Kaafir Tv Series (Show) Review, if we talk about the performance played by Vedant Rathor (Mohit Raina), he has delivered a strong performance and fits in the character very well. Working with such a powerful star- Dia Mirza, he didn’t lost his confidence and even worked very well to impress the audiences. This is the best web series, which people must to be watched and it will be a great fun seeing how Dia Miraza has debut with the web series. The story is all about the humanity, love and justice and it will be a great fun to watch how everything is wrapped up. Will Kainaaz able to get justice and return to her home? Don’t forget to check out the 8 episodes of the web series.

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