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Posted by Lease Auto NY on 07/16/2018

BMW’s New Lease Options

Not many people are aware, many car lease agreements today do not allow you to rent your car to others or drive with ridesharing services. It is understandable why, the higher mileage usage and different driving habits are not going to improve the car’s condition when the lease is over. BMW however, is trying to change all that. 

By announcing, a Car & Ride Sharing lease options for BMW and Mini branded cars. What this means for you is that now you can drive for a service like Uber or rent out your leased car to others. So if you thought you couldn’t afford the payments on that 3 Series you always wanted, think again. You now can make money on the side with your leased car to help pay for it.

Currently this service is only available in Washington, Oregon and California state. If this service will prove successful in those three states, with time BMW is likely to expand these new lease options to other areas. 

This announcement shows that BMW is closely monitoring the changing trends in the automotive industry today. It knows that car leasing is going to decline as ridesharing and self-driving cars grow in popularity. With this announcement, they hope to make leasing a more attractive solution to those who want their own car. It’s safe to assume that this could indeed help BMW to convince people to lease cars they otherwise could not afford. 

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