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Posted by Car Cover World on 03/25/2021

Best Car Covers

Best  Car Covers

How do you describe the best car covers in the market you ask? That would be subjective if we called it so. I have been in the auto cover industry for more than 17 years now, have serviced hundreds of clients who have bought multiple covers for different kinds of outdoor applications and have been in direct contact with some customers who only had one cover.

The best car covers by far are made of Weathermax, a very high performance synthetic fiber. It has superior moisture resistance to help keep your vehicle dry even in extreme weather conditions. With the right protective covering under your car you won't need any other kind of protective covering. Other fabrics like leather and vinyl might be able to provide some kind of aesthetic benefit to the exterior of your vehicle but only Weathermax performs to the fullest extent possible. In the harsh outdoor conditions like snow, rain, sleet and hailstorms you will definitely appreciate the supreme performance that Weathermax offers.

If you use a cover manufactured by Covercraft you won't be concerned about visible stains in your vehicle. Weathermax synthetic fibers are dyed to produce an excellent color match with any vehicle. That means when you bring your vehicle back for service or wash you will have absolutely no stains on the exterior. Unlike other outdoor car covers, Covercraft never uses harsh solvents to bond with the paint of your vehicle. That means there is no chance for water spots to occur on the vehicle even after years of use.

One great feature of the Covercraft vehicle cover is their fit system. They will customize the size of the cover to fit your vehicle perfectly. No need to measure, no need to worry about what size you should get. Covercraft will fit your car covers precisely the way they want it, ensuring that they are made to fit before you order them.

Another wonderful feature of Covercraft is their Universal Fit system. This is designed to conform to any vehicle regardless of make or model. You will be able to order your cover and get it delivered ready to fit your vehicle. That means no drilling, no cutting and no special tools are required to get your new cover on your vehicle. The cover will already be created to fit your particular make and model.

Weathermax car covers are designed with advanced foam technology to provide the ultimate UV protection. That means no fading, no cracking and no discoloration. Even with driving in inclement weather, your cover will remain waterproof and allow you to breathe comfortably. Breathable fabric allows water to bead up and run away while not allowing condensation to build up. A cover with this kind of performance is calledCoolmax. With Coolmax, you get all of the performance you expect from premium car covers while enjoying all of the benefits of a custom fit.


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