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Benefits of Learning Quran Online for Adults

The first verse revealed to the prophet Muhammad SAW was from Surah Al- Alaq verses 1-5


إِقْرَأْبِاسْمِرَبِّكَالَّذِيخَلَقَ {1}

خَلَقَالْإِنْسَانَمِنْعَلَقٍ {2}

إِقْرَأْوَرَبُّكَالْأَكْرَمُ {3}


عَلَّمَالْإِنْسَانَمَالَمْيَعْلَمْ {5}

The above verses are an emphasis on the importance of reading and reciting the Quran in the life of the everyday Muslim. It translates

“Recite in the name of your Lord who created, Created man from clinging substance. Recite and your Lord is the Most Generous, Who taught by the pen, Taught man that which he knew not.” 

The prophet was not a learned man, but even when he repeatedly says he couldn’t read, the angel forced him to read in the name of his Lord, Allah SWT in the cave of Hira. The verses speak for themselves the importance of knowledge and seeking it in Islam.

It is a clear message of the importance of reading, teaching, inquiring, and seeking the knowledge which is the Quran.

However, the spread of Islam from the concentrated center of the Arabian Peninsula has also placed a restriction on how the Quran is been taught.

Online Quran classes, online Quran Tutors, and Online Quran courses for kids, adults, and the elderly are changing the perception of the conventional way of reading or learning the Quran.

Technology has bridged the gaps between east and west, and is giving a platform for Muslim to obey the first instruction of Allah SWT; Read, Read, Read. Obedience of Allah is submission to his will, and in the life of a Muslim, his will is reading the Quran.

The pillar of Islam

Being a Muslim is a special invitation by Allah SWT, it is only those he has chosen that are called to his presence. Your intelligence and freedom are a gift and choice by Allah SWT.

The true Muslim must have Iman which is faith, and practice Ihsan, which is doing things that please Allah, one of which is reading the Quran, and reading it well (with Tajweed).

So as a Muslim, it is not just okay to practice the pillar of Islam but to adhere to the rules and regulation that is part of the pillar of Islam. The pillar of Islam is

Belief in Allah SWT

Belief in his Angels

Belief in the Scriptures

Belief in the messenger

Belief in life after death

Belief in the predestination

In addition to the pillars of Islam, Muslims must be in the know about the Qaidah (Creed), the Sharia (Islamic justice system) and the Akhlak (Character or how to carry themselves).

Finally, the Quran is a complete guide to a way of life, a message from Allah to all Muslims. It is also one of the two references for Muslims to look up to and utilize in their daily lives.  Any other word that contradicts the teaching of the Prophet and the word of Allah should be wholeheartedly rejected by the Muslim. If the Quran is that relevant, but our busy lifestyle will not allow today’s Muslim to find the time, online Quran classes can help you.

The best way to learn the Quran as an adult

Learning the Quran online has proven to be the best and easiest way of learning the Quran till date; this is particularly true for Muslims that are the minority in major cities and countries around the world. Online Quran learning is the choice for an adult for many reasons; it is fast, manageable, affordable and available for all who want to learn.

TarteeleQuran is one of the best online Quran academy; well-known with online tutors across the globe in major cities of the world. It provides classes for adults who are ready to learn the Quran in USA, Australia, Europe, United Kingdom, and the Gulf to give Muslims a convenient way to learn the Quran.

Consideration for Adult Online Quran Tutoring

Adult Muslim seeking to learn the Quran online must be prepared for the training and sacrifice that goes into it. The Quran is not something that is learned over a single or set time frame. The Quran needs one class after another, then another forever. So adult Muslims that want to learn must

Display an unquenchable need to know – the Quran is not a novel you read and tell a story. It is a book that is read and the knowledge, and wisdom in the book is revealed through your life and character as a Muslim. Most Muslims adults just want to satisfy that inclination of making it known that they have read the Quran.

The drive for knowledge should be the motivation to Quran Online teaching for adult.

Giving up on control – adult learning the Quran can’t relinquish total control for another adult even to Online Quran tutors. So if you are ready to start learning the Quran online, you have to wear the cloak of humility and listen to the teacher aptly.

Be ready to learn – when an adult displays readiness to learn, the Quran, Tajweed will be a breeze. However, adults are not children, and even though an online tutor can’t constantly repeat a topic, the adult must learn to practice what has been taught by the teacher.

Imbibing the thought of Learning - even though you have not learned the Quran at a younger age, chances are that you have some basic idea of how to read the words that make up the Quran. To understand, pay attention to your teacher and make time to repeat what has been taught before your next class.

 The challenges of adult Online Quran Learning

As with any form of education or learning, there will be challenges that students will face. For adult student learning the Quran online, the challenges are little hiccups that can be overcome but will need determination.

Adult online Quran learning is gaining more importance these days to emphasize the essence of gaining knowledge by the prophet and the story of the event of the battle of Badr showing how literacy gives you an edge over your neighbor and the misconception of Islam in the world.

The most common problems we have noticed are the inability to balance online learning times with outside activities like their jobs, family, and relationships. This is, especially difficult when they live in a foreign country away from home and is responsible for our well-being and paying the bills. However, online Quran classes give students enough flexible time frames to push them to be the best. The student should also know that learning the Quran should not be seen as interference but a sacrifice obligated upon each and every Muslim by the will of Allah.

Secondly, not keeping up with the schedule set by your teacher, and you are another problem faced by online Quran tutors teaching adults. Despite the flexible timing that Online Quran classes accord its student, we still see lots of adult flaunting the rules and not keeping to time or doing their homework.

Thirdly, the adult student wants to rely on Quran apps to study, although we don’t disregard their ability to help the everyday Muslim, it can’t be as a live Quran online tutor will impact the power and passion of the Quran in your heart.

It is a thing of pride for a Muslim to learn the Quran, despite having a busy schedule, the benefits are numerous, and the availability of courses can be stepping stone to achieving greatness with the help from the Quran.

Benefits of Online Quran Classes

One of the genders that benefit hugely from Online Quran tutoring is women. Women play a massive role in Islam and without the right Quran knowledge; they will not be able to live a full Islam filled life, especially in cities outside their place of origin. Online Quran classes have empowered women to love reading the Quran and passing the knowledge to their kids when married. Online Quran classes also provide them with female tutors that would otherwise be difficult for them learning in a mosque or a Quran tutor school.

One on One Live Classes - unlike a regular Quran school, online Quran classes offer one on one tutoring only for the student and teacher. This method of learning ensures that the student gets 100 percent attention of the teacher to enable smooth learning process.

Accessible for all at any time - learning in the comfort of your home is the best way for adults to learn, especially when they are trying not to feel bad among their learned friends. All you need is a display device, internet connection, and your presence when the class starts.

Affordability – it is very cheap, and anyone can afford it. The payment methods are also simple and convenient for you.

For more information, visit and get started with Quran recitation and Tajweed today. Our tutors are from all over the globe and will teach you in the original Arabic literature from scratch until you understand the Quran.

Benefits of Reading the Quran

There are more verses in the Quran and the Sunnah of the Hadith that support why we should read the Quran. For example

“The best among you is (he) who learns and teaches the Holy Quran” Sahih Al-Buhari

Hazrat Abu Zahr was reported that the Prophet Muhammad SAW said, “O Abu Zar! It is better for you to learn a single verse of the Holy Quran in the morning than pray a hundred raka’ats of Nafilah prayer.”

So with that said, what are the benefits of learning the Quran?

Reading the Quran is a fulfillment of our Islamic Duties - Allah created us for his sole purpose. To worship and praise him, but HE didn’t leave us with guidance that will cover every aspect of our life. When we read the Quran online or offline, we are living up to the commandments of Allah SWT.

We earn the Blessing of Allah SWT – attaining the blessing of Allah is not that difficult, and even though there are countless ways to get these blessings? Reading the Quran is the fastest way to achieving the blessings of Allah.

It is a communication between the reader and Allah - to effectively communicate with someone; you have to learn to speak the language of the other person properly. The benefit of online Quran classes is to help Muslims learn the way to communicate with God.

Registering with a Quran Online Academy like TarteeleQuran with equip you with the correct Tajweed of the Quran for proper communication.

Emulate the Prophet Muhammad SAW – the life of the Prophet is demonstrated in the Quran. If as Muslims, we are to live up with the pillar of faith, then we have to honor the prophet. The only way is to study the Quran.

Remembering Allah SWT – reading the Quran is also a way of remembering the goodness and mercy of Allah in your life.  We can’t create a hair strand on our hair, what better way can you think of to thank Allah for all he is doing in your life than reading the Quran. And if that were the case, online Quran tutors can help you do that.

Purifies our Intention – we are never too pure in the sight of Allah, but through proper recitation, our intention is made spotless, and Allah listens to us and rewards us accordingly.

Mut’taqi- a person that practices total abstinence from all deeds and actions that will displease his God is a mut’taqi. How to attain this level of piety is by reciting the Quran with the appropriate Tajweed.  Taqwa is everything that the Quran encompasses, hence to reach that level of purity in by the reciting the Quran.

Online Quran Class, USA

If you reside in the USA, then learning the Quran online shouldn’t be that difficult. TarteeleQuran has been changing the way Muslims in the United States relate with the Quran through their various online courses for all age groups.

If you missed learning the Quran as a child, then don’t let the opportunity pass you by, register with, and become a hafiz in no distant time.

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