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Posted by Cars For Lease Online on 07/17/2018

Benefits of All-Season Tires

Trying to choose between all-season tires vs having two different sets of tires for winter/summer seasons, the differences between the two choices can be easily misunderstood. There are many different types of tires available depending on your vehicle, weather conditions and driving style. All of which make the choice of choosing the right tire for your car lease, at times, overwhelming. However, if you are an average driver and live in a four-season region, an all season tire is the ideal choice for you. Let us examine the benefits they offer in detail.  


Whereas dedicated winter tires are specifically built to handle well in winter conditions like snow, ice, slush and low temperatures. They offer poor performance and life span in the warm and dry weather. The opposite is true of summer tires, whose stiffer rubber compound is better suited for driving in the dry and hot summer months. An all-season tire provides the ultimate balance of capabilities. Offering good performance in wet and dry conditions, as well as decent traction in the snow. Built for the average driver, they tend to provide handling, ride comfort, long tread life and other performance attributes.

Cost Savings

All-season tires is the most cost efficient option, allowing you to save money. Instead of purchasing two dedicated sets for both winter and summer, all-season tires allow you to have one set for all four seasons. Furthermore, they offer greater tread life when compared to dedicated tires, with many drivers reporting a life span of two to three times longer. One other thing to consider is the tire warranty. All-season tires come with wear warranties as high as 90,000 miles. Few dedicated tires offer anything close to that.

Final Thoughts

In the end, there are many benefits to go with the all-season tire. Avoid the inconvenience of having two different sets, finding extra storage space and stopping by the tire shop to switch between the two. All-season tires offer great balanced performance in all weather conditions. All while providing significant cost savings to the driver.

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