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Posted by ACP Panel - Envitect on 08/05/2021

Being ACP Fabricator, What Do You Need to Keep in Mind

Aluminium Composite Panel (ACP) is one of the superior surfacing materials used for cladding interior as well as exterior building facades and surfaces. And Envitect is one of the leading ACP sheet manufacturers and providers.

Using correct fabrication methods recommended by experts, ACP fabricators can ensure that Envitect Alco Panels attain higher quality. There are numerous methods to use for fabricating Alco panels and today we have come up with things ACP fabricators need to keep in mind.

But before we start on the same, it is recommended for fabricators to carry out the ACP sheet fabrication in workshops to minimize defects &achieve high accuracy. Use the right tools and select the blade configuration and condition carefully. Doing so will make sure that the heat produced during the fabrication is minimum.

Things ACP Fabricators Need to Keep in Mind

The following guide describes the right methods being an ACP fabricator, you must keep in mind.

1. Saw Cutting

Envitect’s ACP sheets come in predefined sizes, which can be easily cut as per your custom requirements. Use panel saws, running saws, electronic saw, band saw, or discscissor to cut ACP in perfect sizes. Make sure to use the carbide tip blade if possible as it is designed specifically for Alco panels to produce optimum results.

2. Grooving

Our ACP sheets are compatible with mass grooving using CNC routing or panel saw. Leave 0.2 to 0.4mm groove for U-grooving and 110° of grooving angle is necessary for 90° bends.

3. Folding

The grooved ACP sheets of Envitect must be folded using the folding jig, Press Brake or Plate Punch. Keep in mind that grooved panels should be folded on flat surfaces or tables for a straight line on the corners.

4. ACP Sheet Bending

For bending the Envitect ACP sheet, fabricators must use Press Brake with a top die for the desired radius.

5. Bending with Three Roll Bender

Fabricators first have to groove and slit the ACP sheets at curving edges and then only bentthem with three roll bender. For a large bending radius, three roll-bender is ideal to use.

6. Rivet & Bolt

Use Aluminium blind rivets for junctions while working with Envitect Alco Panels. Besides, it would be great to use stainless steel bolts and nuts.

7. CNC Cutting

Using CNC cutters made especially for Aluminium, you can enhance the design of the ACP sheet aesthetically.

Pre-Requisites for ACP Sheet Installation

The following are pre-requisites fabricators need to keep in mind before panel installation:

1) ACP sheets must be installed in accordance with the pre-approved drawings. For fastening, the structural strength of anchorage & hardware should be preferably in Aluminium and as per the engineering standard.

2) To avoid electrolytic corrosion, use caulking tape to insulate the Alco panel whenever it comes in contact with other metal types.

3) Installing panels in the vertical direction is recommended.

4) Remove the protective film before caulking the bend portions between panel joints. Also, make sure that there is no dirt, debris, or sealant obstructing drainage and weep holes.

Cleaning Methods

The following cleaning method must be incorporated:

1)Periodically cleaning ACP is recommended with a mild detergent mixed with water followed by a clean water rinse.

2) Avoid cleaning when the surface temperature of ACP exceeds 40° to steer clear of stain formation.

3) Cleaning must be carried out from the top of the panel to the bottom of the panel by a clean water rinse to ensure there are no residues of the cleaning agent. At last, wipe down the sheets with a sponge or clean cloth to avoid any water stains.

Some Useful Suggestions

· It is recommended to place the order of the required quantity in a single lot to avoid color consistency problems. Also, fabricators should take care of the direction for panel installation. All panels must be installed in the same direction as per the marked arrow on the protective film.

· For custom color or size requirements, it is recommended to order specially manufactured ACPs or enquire us for the same. Envitect is perfectly able to fulfill all your bespoke needs of Aluminium Composite Panels.

Final Words

So, these were some of the things being an ACP fabricator, you must keep in mind. Also, keep in mind the pre-requisite of ACP installation, cleaning methods, and some useful suggestions before carrying out the installation.

Contact us or enquire further about the range of products Envitect offers that can glam up your exterior as well interior building surfaces.

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