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Bad Habits That Can Destroy Your Home

Bad Habits That Can Destroy Your Home

Regular maintenance is essential for keeping a home fully operational. Without proper upkeep of your home, you can find yourself needing to make costly repairs or even causing permanent damage. It is easier to take some time here and there to provide proper home maintenance than it is to fix a problem once it has caused significant damage. Failure to provide routine maintenance can cause significant detriment to your home's value. The future of your home relies on regular inspections as well as adequate correct care.

Proper Inspection of Air Filter(s):

It can be surprising how long some homeowners may go without regularly changing their air filter(s). Many people do not think about changing their air filter(s) until after something has gone wrong. The higher the number of people living in the home, the more often you have to replace the air filter(s). The frequency at which the air filter(s) need to be changed increases even more for those living with pets. The number one cause of an HVAC system failure is clogged air filters, this problem is so easily avoidable. When the air filter(s) gets clogged the HVAC system has to do more work to get the air flowing, the added workload placed on the system can actually increase your power bill. Additionally, the lack of airflow will make it hard for the HVAC system to regulate the temperature in your home. When the air filter can not do its intended job, it will no longer stop contaminates from entering the home thus allowing things like dust or pollen to continuously cycle through the air of your dwelling. Eventually, the long-term strain on the HVAC system could result in needing to replace major components, resulting in a very expensive fix to an otherwise avoidable problem.

Remember to Check the Windows:

Proper window placement can really change the functionality and efficiency of a home. Windows also need to be frequently inspected. Detecting a crack in a window or a faulty seal could prevent an unnecessary spike in your home’s heating or electric bill. An unchecked draft or allowing the heat to easily escape your home will result in placing an increased demand on your heating system. Leaving small entrances/exits in your window can also provide a way for bugs and other infestations to find a way to take hold. A failed seal can result in the build-up of condensation on or inside the window which could eventually make its way through the rest of your home. Windows provide more than just a nice view, they also serve as a barrier between your home and the elements.

Regularly Clean Your Gutters:

There is more to your gutters than catching and redirecting rainwater. The displacement of water ensures that rainwater doesn't affect your home's roof or foundation. If too much debris accumulates inside your gutters water could eventually start entering the roof or other parts of your home causing significant water damage that can be costly to repair. Neglecting to clean your gutters can lead to a build-up of leaves and sediment that not only causes a clog but also creates a good place for pests to make their home. Before you know it, you could be paying an exterminator to remove mice or a bee's nest from your gutter or worse, the inside your home. A build-up of debris can be avoided if you check your gutter during the fall and spring season.

Something as simple as inspecting your home regularly will reduce your risk of property damage. Looking for the signs of a failing roof, HVAC, plumbing, or drainage system can save you the headache of needing to deal with significant damage by making costly repairs to your home. The few seconds it takes to test a fire alarm could save you from losing most of your personal belongings as well as your home itself. Regular home maintenance can help you avoid needing to file a homeowners insurance claim and save you money. That said, even with regular home maintenance damage or accidents can still happen. That is why it is also important to purchase an adequate homeowners insurance policy.

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