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Posted by Melbourne Fresh Flowers on 07/11/2019

Australian Natives - Most Trending Flowers of 2019

Australian Natives - Most Trending Flowers of 2019

Embrace Refreshment with Australian Native Flowers

Nothing heralds spring like fresh, richly scented flowers. Blessed with the beauty and bounty of nature, the Australian indigenous flowers hold a beauty second to none. The Australian native flowers with their exquisite colors and fragrance have recently gained popularity. They are often an essential part of the best Australian native flowers delivered by Melbourne Fresh Flowers.

Why Are Australian Native Flowers Trending?

Australia is home to some of the most gorgeous flowers in the world. With their earthy tones and unique forms, they are a must-have on every occasion. Their boho-chic aesthetic can light up even the most mundane settings. These attractive flowers have been gaining increasing popularity due to their availability all year round, their longevity and fuss-free maintenance.

What are the Trendiest Australian Native Flowers of 2019?

Eucalyptus- The most renowned symbol of the Australian indigenous environment, their flowers come in a variety of colors including white, cream, pink, red and yellow. Their unique foliage provides a stunning appearance to any floral display and their rich fragrance makes them a necessary addition to any native flower arrangement.

Waratahs- The state emblem of New South Wales, these flowers with bulbous crimson flower heads and green razored leaves have graced the Australian paraphernalia more than any other flower. While the red Waratah is more popular, a combination of bright yellow or white flowers can be a part of any perfect Australian native flower bouquet to be delivered.

Banksia- These candle-like flowers come in many tones of yellow, orange, pink or violet. The flower spikes are showy and vibrant, contrasting with elegant greyish-green leaves. Abounding in Western Australia’s sandplains, they are a must-have in any native flower bouquet to be delivered online.

Bottlebrush- Callistemon or bottlebrush as they are called due to their distinctive shape, they have flowers arranged in clusters blooming typically in spring. With their burst of bright colors, ranging from red, yellow, white or purple they can lend a unique touch to any native flower arrangement.

Wattles- The national flower of Australia, they have fluffy, yellow, sweet smelling flower heads and large green leaves. Their distinctive yellow coloring lends a rustic touch to simple and elegant flower displays.

Kangaroo-Paws- Unique to Australia, these flowers are brightly colored with an exotic form resembling the kangaroo’s paw. Coming in a rainbow of colors and large and dwarf varieties with a velvety texture, these provide classic native flowers look to any arrangement.

Types of Native Flower Arrangements

Some of the most popular native Australian flowers come in various arrangements, each highlighting the grandeur of the bloom. Some of the most popular arrangements of the Australian native flower available online are:

Bouquets Arrangements– Typically a tradition symbolizing a gesture of appreciation and affection, it is a splendid gift with individually selected, long-lasting flowers like flannel flowers and banksias with verdant and scented eucalyptus leaves that show our loved ones how much we care. These native flower bouquets can be sent online and serve as a gesture of love.

Vase Arrangements- A more sophisticated option for decorating small spaces and simple rustic settings, these extragravant arrangements can brighten the aesthetics of any room they are placed in. With flowers like waratahs, grevilleas and kangaroo paws, these can be stored for long time and thus make it the best native flower arrangement to order online.

Wreath Arrangements- Perfect for special occasions, such as Christmas or ANZAC Day, beautiful waratahs and wattles lend warm, rich hues and the perfect setting to ring in the festive season. They can also be used to bring warmth and comfort to funerals and serves as a token of respect.

Posies- A special arrangement with native flowers that are used mainly for weddings, the posies contain mainly flowers arranged according to the bride’s wishes. The beauty of the blooms ranging from wattles and bottle brushes, complement the elegance of the blushing bride on the most special day of her life.

The beautiful Australian flowers breathe life into the most mundane settings while enhancing the beauty of the place. The flowers arranged in various ways are a sure way to liven up any setting.


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