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Posted by ACP Panel - Envitect on 07/21/2021

Advantages of ACP Sheet Over Other Metal Sheets

Two thin Aluminium sheets joined together with a low-density Polyethylene core in the middle, results in lightweight, durable, compact, and sturdy Aluminium Composite Panels. Before ACP, metal sheets were being used for various interior and exterior applications to enhance the aesthetic value of your house or workplace.

But with the inception of Aluminium Composite Panels, they took the whole industry by storm and became an instant hit for most architects and builders. This radical change brought by the ACP sheets will continue for many years.

Metal sheets such as high-pressure metal laminates, stainless steel, and copper sheets add more beauty & grace to the area of application. However, ACP sheets do the same without being costly, heavy, and inefficient in many aspects. Let’s get deeper into the benefits of ACP sheets over other materials.

Advantages of ACP Sheet Over Other Metal Sheets

Aluminium Composite Panel offers numerous advantages over traditionally used metal sheets. So, without any further ado, let’s start with the benefits of ACP sheets over other meta sheets.

1. Easy to Carry

Thanks to the low-density non-metal Polyethylene core, ACP sheets are lightweight and compact, making them easy to transport and carry around. Most of the metal sheets are either too heavy or do not have a compact form factor, making it hard to carry them around.

Being lightweight and compact panels, ACPs are convenient to handle and carry around on a construction site or area of application. Moreover, they are easy to store in a limited space due to their compactness.

2. Hassle-free Maintenance

Unlike other metal sheets, Aluminium Composite Panels are easy to maintain. Dirt, dust, and other pollutants may have harmful effects on metal sheets. Also, they may leave a scar or colors fade away with time.

One of the greatest advantages of ACP sheets over other metal sheets is they do not lose their charm even in harsh weather conditions. They are simple to maintain and clean with just a wipe from a cloth or sponge. Also, the frequency of cleaning ACP panels generally is once or twice a year, which is higher for most metal sheets.

3. Available in More Variants

Another great advantage of Aluminium Composite Panels is they are available in many colors, textures, finishes, sizes, and thicknesses. Ordinary metal sheets have monotonous colors that often are not pleasing or appealing to the eye. On the other hand, you can choose the best-suited ACP  sheets from a wide range of shades and colors.

4. Cost Affordability

Any metal is purchased based on its weight, and as metal sheets are heavy, they increase the project cost. However, ACP sheets are lightweight and sturdy, which advocates their cost affordability feature. Thanks to their low prices and affordability, ACP panels stir up the competition in the market and pose as the better solution for the construction industry.

5. Environment-Friendly

Each material used in manufacturing ACP sheets is either reusable or recyclable and doesn’t put many dents on the environment. ACP panels are one of the public welfare products and in line with the construction practice of a conservation-oriented society. Further, Aluminium Composite Panels fit well into the United Nations call for “using earth’s natural resources smartly for sustainable development”.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, ACP sheets are the clear winner here when compared to other metal sheets. They are environment-friendly, lightweight, easy to carry around, available in a pool of variety, and are affordable than most traditional metal sheets.

If you plan to use ACP sheets for your next commercial or residential project, do give it a try and purchase your sheets in bulk from a leading Aluminium Composite Panel manufacturer in India. Till the next time see you around!

Here you can find our reference post: https://envitect.mystrikingly.com/blog/advantages-of-acp-sheet-over-other-metal-sheets


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