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Posted by Leasing A Car Online on 07/17/2018

A Spark Plugs Lifetime

A car leasing contract provides a car for you to drive, but that fact by itself doesn’t automatically make you a real driver. A real driver must at least have an idea about how his vehicle functions and what can be the cause of various malfunctions. Today we are going to speak about spark plugs and their role in your vehicle troubles.

If your car is running rough and the engine shakes when you come to a stop, then most likely your car has a condition called engine misfire. A bad spark plug in one of your engine cylinders is the most common cause of this issue. Remember, in one of your spark plugs will malfunction, it will cause the fuel ignition in that cylinder to disappear and cause the engine to run rough.

Only at high temperatures, the fuel mixture is easily ignited by the spark plugs. In any case, bad plugs lead to significant changes in engine performance. Because of ignition misfire, unburned fuel can flow into the catalyst system. As a result, you will smell unburned gasoline coming out of your exhaust.

Another symptom of a defective spark plug is an increase in fuel consumption. This is due to incomplete combustion of fuel when the engine is misfiring. To effectively ignite the fuel mixture in a gasoline engine, it is necessary that the temperature in the combustion chamber reach 400-500 degrees celsius in a short window of time (in some engines the temperature can be higher). This is possible due to the compression of the mixture, due to which the temperature in the combustion chamber rises.

It takes high temperatures to easily ignite the fuel mixture. But at such high temperatures, the spark plugs cannot last forever. Most often on old plugs, you can find multiple layers of soot. Also often on the electrodes of the plug, deposits are formed which affect the quality of the supplied spark in the combustion chamber of the engine.

Remember that if the electrodes have a uniform color, shape and do not have white or black deposits, the spark plugs are fully functional.

How to check the spark plugs? Normally working plug has a minimal burnout of the electrode. As a result, the engine will work efficiently and correctly. Dirt, deposits and oil, all serve as a warning that a spark plug needs replacing.

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