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Posted by on 08/28/2018

7 Facts About Al Badie Told By An Expert

Mr. Khalid is a vice president at Al Ain Ahlia Insurance company and working so hard to accomplish all the business targets. He has earned a great name and reputation as well as he is known by most of the giants just because his ultimate achievements. As per his ultimate contribution, he is on the board of directors at Al ain ahlia insurance company, along with the Abu Dhabi Chamber of commerce and industry and was also a part of the Emirates Insurance Association.

It is very complex to deal with the study of the stock exchange, insurance and other related terms we can judge his knowledge in this domain. Yes, he is the one who has got ultimate knowledge and experience and this is why he is appointed the Vice President of Al Ain Ahlia Insurance Company. Mr. khaledAl Badie is referred to by people in the community as well as has been identified as the Vice President of a very popular insurance company.

Khaled Al Badie Dubai – very famous from the same name and he has made ultimate and pragmatic decisions in order to uplift the level of the work and growth. It is because of his knowledge; he has contributed a great share for the development and growth Al Badie Group. There was a statement to say that Mr. Khaled VP position helped him to arrive at the best decisions for the growth of the group, but it was all about his intelligence, core knowledge to the subject and ultimate decision making.

The same company offers different insurance products to the different users ranging from life insurance to aviation insurance. He was very bright in the studies and has received his graduate degree from George Washington University. Later he has groomed his knowledge and linked to the insurance sector where he has earned great name and reputation.  

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