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Posted by on 01/16/2020

5 Ways In Which Acupuncture Fertilitycan Help?

There are a lot of people who are struggling with maintaining a good lifestyle while a few others are facing fertility issues. While, their lifestyle is just about good, they are not able to conceive or, have some issues that need to be resolved. Acupuncture fertility can help conceive in the most natural way possible. without consuming a lot of medicines or going through treatments that can weaken your body, you can improve your fertility rate and conceive in good time.

The practice of acupuncture not only involves placing of thin needles that are sterilized along the right parts of the body, but also includes some nutrition boosters, herbal formulas customized to meet the treatment requirement and some lifestyle modifications that are necessary for the long term advantages.

Here we will take you through the five ways in which the acupuncture for fertility can enhance your lifestyle, and help you through the fertility issues you may be facing

  • It promotes ovulation. The very first issue with fertility that a woman faces is lack of ovulation, which causes multiple pregnancy issues. The reasons for poor ovulation could be PCOD or PCOS, which is found in multiple women in the recent times. Apart from this, fertility issues could be tracked down to hypothalamic amenorrhea, which is when there is a lack of communication between the brain and the ovaries. This is a severe case, and it occurs when the women tend to follow a strict diet or are trying to lose weight real fast. Acupuncture Auckland can help treat this aspect. It will ensure that the right nutrients, herbs and supplements are induced into the body along with the treatment to promote good health and ovulation
  • Blood flow is essential to both the uterus and the ovaries if you wish to conceive. However, with age, there is a sign that the blood flow diminishes to these parts, which eventually causes fertility issues. In fact, with the right acupuncture fertility treatment, you can even improve the quality as well as the receptivity of the uterine lining, which can enhance your fertility rate
  • If you plan to induce acupuncture treatment along with your IVF plan, then you will gain better success in IVF. Acupuncture tends to increase the success rate along with the time period in which the embryo is successfully transplanted into the uterus. You will get more number of mature eggs as a result of IVF with the acupuncture treatment. It is therefore important that you collaborate the two treatment plans in order to increase the success ratio and improve your chances at getting pregnant
  • Stress and anxiety are some of the causes of infertility. You need to make sure that there is less stress on your mind, which will ensure that the ovaries and uterus are not stressed as much as they are in general circumstances. Eventually, with reduced stress, you increase the chances of fertility. Acupuncture Aucklandensures that the stress levels on your body are reduced. The treatment plan is all about rest and restore and digest, so that the ovaries can function normally
  • Finally, it will be able to reduce all sorts of inflammation around the reproductive organs, thus boosting fertility. 
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