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Posted by on 08/29/2018

5 Simple Facts About Al Badie Explained

Al Badie group is actually very famous, not just it is developed in 1967, before the UAE was founded, but the reason is its ultimate help and support to various industries. The families associated with the same, vice president, CEOs and the employees have made the group very successful and renowned to all.

The Al Badie Group of companies is owned by the khaledAl Badie, who is the director and vice president of the company along with the Al Badie family. We can’t deny the fact that it is a well-established, reputed, multi-discipline group, which is based in the United Arab Emirates and offering services nationally and internationally. Al Badie Group was founded in 1967 and since then, it has got a great pace of getting success, name and the support of the people.

At the time of the incorporation, it was founded by the few families, who have participated fully just to launch the group successfully and they all have started the same with the faith of the development of the nation via personal investments or the development and creation of consortiums of co-investors. When it was started, the group has got few or a very less members, but today we can see more than 1000 of employees excel in diverse business activities that include Property Development, Water and Electricity, Oil and Gas, Defence Projects, IT, Marine, Auto Leasing & Rental, Finance, Hospitality, Travel and Tourism, Manufacturing, Insurance and Health Care.

Al Badie Group is also very famous among the businesses and individuals as it always think about to strengthen business relations with carefully selected international firms done by the Khaled Al Badie Dubai and the team. Yes, it just work with the best and reputed organizations and always believes in offering transparent and excellent results to all of its small to big clients.

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