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Storage Unit Auction List

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Arden, North Carolina, 28704

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Storage Unit Auction List

Commentary by President Maddison Lake

We started in the beginning of 2011; in fact, it was New Year's Day that we had a brainstorming session which resulted in the conception of StorageUnitAuctionList.com.

Now that we have elevated past the startup phases, StorageUnitAuctionList.com has flourished throughout the industry. We provide auction goers the most complete auction listings. We have focused our attention on the bidders themselves, the people actually going to auctions and not trying to sell auctioneers with the idea of listing their auctions.

We believe that the auction attendee drives the market, so our business model focuses on satisfying bidders. Our features and customer support are concentrated on the consumer. We haven't neglected the facilities or the auctioneers, either. After all, they are an inherent ingredient in this industry, so we have developed a great system to collect auction data from locations and facilities as efficiently as possible. Additionally, we are partnering up with auctioneers across the country to help synergize all of our services to meet the needs of every facet of the auction process.

We are only going to improve.

Subscribers pay us not only to provide them with every auction listing in the country, but we spend large amounts of capital on development costs to assure a better user experience, the most accurate data, and the ability for subscribers to receive the largest return on their initial investment. Not only that, but we are constantly expanding our verified database to cover more auctions in more locations than ever before.

Why we are here to stay.

I will be the first one to tell you that all the information we provide is accessible for free, if you are willing to put in the time and effort.

There is a lot that goes on under the hood of our operation. Collecting auction listings is a full time, full-staffed job. Just imagine receiving 50,000 phone books every two weeks and then taking each page, verifying each listing, and posting them online. It's a lot of work that, in all honesty, doesn't really pay the bills for the auction attendee. Similarly, as a verified and licensed auctioneer, the efforts to find those same auctions in order to provide specified services for the auction facility, location, and attendees can be beyond daunting.

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Good Quality ..

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Responsible Staff ! Good Quality ! Best Auction Listing ! These three words fit on storageunitaucionlist.com.

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