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Page Speed Is Key To SEO Success

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Are you noticing issues with the speed of your website?  If you are, I can assure you Google, Yahoo & Bing know about it.  All three search engines are testing the site speed of every site to determine its placement in the search engine.

For many people this sounds crazy, but if you don't believe me click here.  Now that we are on the same page let's focus on the factors that determine the speed of your website.

Site Structure, you will hear this phrase all the time and below are some are the most important factors of your site structure that the search engines use to determine the speed of your website.

                      Avoid landing page redirects
Minify CSS
Minify HTML
Minify JavaScript
Prioritize visible content
server response time
Optimize images
Leverage browser caching
Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript
Combine & Inline CSS 

Enable compression
Size tap targets appropriately
Use legible font sizes
Size content to viewport
Configure the viewport
Avoid plugins

Many if not all of these factors are controlled through your htaccess file, your file structure & hosting solution.  If you are facing issues with your site speed and like most small business owners having trouble getting the answers you need from your team call 888-232-7313 right away.  Our seo professionals are usually able to fix these issues the same day you contact us.

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