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On Page Optimization Is Challenging

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On-Page Optimization is making sure the content on your web pages are properly formatted. There are several key factors that go into proper on-page optimization. Page Titles, headlines, body text, URL, images, links (external and internal)

Page Title – Using the primary keyword as close to the front of the page title is important. It lets the search engine know immediately what that page is about.

Headline Tags - These tags are used to help breakup and organize information on a page. You first headline tag should include information from your page title. Doing this reaffirms to the search engine that the page information is consistent with the page title.

Body Text – Great content is what keeps people interested in your site and keeps them coming back. Search engine algorithms have become extreme intelligent and are able to tell if the content on the page is good content and is easy to read. Content is king.

URLs – Are the names of your web pages. If you don’t name each name appropriately and use auto generated names for each page you are missing out on a key opportunity. Implementing keywords and phrases into your URLs will give you another check in the win column as the search engine crawls your page.

Images – Having high quality images and graphics on your page will help keep your visitors engaged and stay longer on your page leading to a higher probability of sales. The problem with images is that search engines do not know what the image is about. An SEO professional will optimize your images and graphics to let the search engine what each one is and how they bring value to the page.

Links – These are the currency of the web. Links to and from your page show that your content is worth sharing and search engines love content that is shared. If an engine sees that your content has been shared or linked to from another site it believes that you are offering good content and boosts your image in the overall ranking.

Keyword Research

Keywords are what people use to find things online. They type these words and phrases into a search engine and wait for the results. Knowing what your potential customers are using to find your product or more importantly your competitors products will help greatly. Using the right keywords and phrases in your content, titles, and headlines will drive you up on the results pages of any search engine. The difficult thing about keywords and phrases is that customer’s thoughts and ideas of how they are searching for specific things change with the trends. Staying on top of changing keyword trends can be a fulltime job. We use our years of experience along with the proper analytical tools to keep you and your site updated with these keywords and phrases.

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