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Live Chat Agent Etiquette

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Just like any professional conversation demands Etiquette, a Live Chat session demands its own set of etiquette that needs to be followed - perhaps more closely and efficiently than in other communication channels. Whenever one chats with a CGMIMM Support Agent, there is a tendency to closely observe even the shortest of sentences which are more likely to be ignored in a face-to-face or phone conversation. A Live Chat is, by and large, more open to scrutiny.

There are many steps in a Live Chat, from greeting a web visitor to closing the chat, where for etiquette - and this entire phenomenon might be termed as “Live Chat etiquette”.

Whenever greeting a web visitor, the Live Chat Customer Support Agent must introduce her/himself by name and then continue with a greeting that is appropriate for the business model of the website. The name introduction can be skipped only in cases where the Live Chat window is displaying the Agent's name. Another point to remember about the greeting statement is; never throw a robotic up selling script to every visitor unless you have a deal that is sure to interest most of the incoming visitors. A script that sounds like one, used in the very start can put off many visitors who may have been interested otherwise.

Beware of those Canned Messages:

In a Virtual Support Environment, it is sometimes very hard for the CGMIMM Support Agent to type each and every sentence in all chats - but, at the same time, all agents have encountered visitors who suspect that these CGMIMM Support Agents are just robots. Canned Messages or Auto Messages are pre-written scripts to aid Agents in conducting Live Chats. But, it is certainly considered impolite to just throw pre-written scripts at web visitors.

The key is to use Canned Messages or Auto Messages that do not sound like 'rehearsed scripts’. It is important to modify these Canned Messages according to the requirements of each Live Chat Session like the mood of the chat, the gender, age and name of the web visitor and the type of question asked by the web visitor. Or, before sending canned information, you can say notify the visitor by saying something like, "Let me get this information from the database and paste it here for you". That way the visitor will be expecting canned information in the chat window.

Appropriate Use of Language in Live Chat:

A Live Agent, when providing Customer Support on a website, must keep into account the business model of the website and thus the expected visitors on the website. This will help the Agent in choosing the proper words for the kinds of visitors expected. For example, a law firm's website may be extremely particular in using (and not using) certain professional words or phrases. On the other hand, a music company that caters largely to teenagers will have much more flexible approach towards the language used by CGMIMM Support Agents on its website.

On all web sites though, slang words, jargon and profane language must not be used. In a broad sense of the term, appropriate use of language in a Live Chat will take into account four things; business model of the website, overall mood of the website, demographics of expected visitors and the purpose of Live Chat on that website.

For any online business, whenever a CGMIMM Support Agent is trained in Live Chat Etiquette, it will certainly show. This little investment into training for correctness and good behavior can have great results in improving the overall quality of a Live Chat Session.

To see how we can improve the quality of Live Chats for you, or see how our quality is controlled and maintained - please chat with a Live Agent on our website or call us at: 888-232-7313.

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