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Increase Your Website Conversion With Live Chat

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"1 to 3% is the Average Website's Conversion Rate, We Have Clients With Over a 90% Conversion Rate!" - Jonathan Dickey

Live website customer service, provided by CGMIMM, is the most customizable website solution of its' kind.

Not only does live website customer service increase your ability to successfully "capture" your prospective clients, but it also affords you the opportunity to interact with them within the crucial first few minutes of visitation to your site, therefore increasing conversion rates. Conveniently coupled with live transfer, this is truly a complete solution for any serious website owner. 

Adding website customer service (Live Chat) to your website can give you a great advantage over your competition. In many ways if you don't have live chat on your website it's like not answering your telephone .  So face it, you have more people visit your website each day than call in or walk into your office.  The question you need to ask yourself is what am I currently doing to increase the conversion rate of my website?

As a business owner you have to be concerned with the cost associated with a feature like this.  Adding two or three employees for the sole purpose of managing your website customer service is costly.  

You do have another choice, & that's a solution through LiveCustomer.us.  Our highly trained website customer service reps will monitor your website 24 hours a day delivering the highest level customer service and effective lead generation.

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