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Benefits Of Proactively Engaging Your Website Visitors

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Our Live professionals apply the purest form of one-to-one live chat service / online assistance to your website traffic and increase online sales via live interaction with your potential clients to provide your website visitors an experience they deserve. 

During this interactive process, our live greeters will help you differentiate between general traffic and actual visitors, provide live customer service which decreases bounce rate and generate leads to increase conversion rate.  

The Live chat process for your website is customized on a daily basis and updates are implemented within 24 hours only. This process is highly personalized as our staff works long hours to execute sales pitches on your behalf, and stays in constant touch with you to serve you better. 

Our Live chat Operators follow a three-step process:

Enhance your revenue with Live Customer Support
Live Operators greet web visitors, provide Customer Services during their stay, and in the process generate sales leads for businesses. But what do these Customer Services entail? Live Customer Support at Live Customer.us means that our Live Chat Operators increase business availability for the businesses they work for, answer customer’s questions, qualify these customers, schedule appointments, and, to all intents and purposes, act as sales person on websites.

Increase Business Availability
Our Live Operators are always available to provide targeted communications during customer service and sales support to web visitors. They keep your business available 24/7. Nearly 95% of new site visitors leave the website within two minutes. But the concept of Live Operators greeting online visitors helps to prolong their stay and ensures an easier cruise.

Answer Customer’s Question
Live Operators answer all sorts of customer’s queries pertaining to goods, services or delivery. Web visitors want personalized attention, instant solutions and to the point answers. The whole website surfing affair becomes so difficult for visitors that they give up further exploration. Our business model gives you a real-time/online customer’s support on your website, thus allowing the visitors to enjoy a highly personalized experience. Moreover, Live Chat Agents undergo extensive training to make themselves completely familiar with the product/service knowledge of the business they are working for. Lack of product/service knowledge leads to providing incorrect information or a delay in responding to customers, and both can lead to losing potential customers.

Qualify Customers
Apparently assisting visitors in website navigation, Live Operators actually capture leads by qualifying them through targeted and relevant communications. They differentiate between general traffic and actual visitors, retaining only quality customers.


Live Operators are well trained to add value to your website by providing you with meeting coordination and appointment scheduling. They are efficient in taking messages from site visitors, and scheduling appointments. This timely response enhances productivity and secures better investment outcome.

Sales Person on Website
94% to 97% of the new site visitors click away from the website within two minutes. The solution is to start a conversation with the web visitors to guide them on the site, thus generating a sales lead for the business. In the process, Live Operators gather their requirements, and market the websites they are working for from that aspect.
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