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Live Chat Equals Higher Conversion

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    Instant Connections, Lasting Relationships

    One-on-one chat. Targeted messaging. It's time to expand your customer reach.

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Connect with your website visitors during high-stakes situations. Whether they’re searching for specific items or hesitating at checkout, you can chat with them to ensure they get exactly what they’re looking for – as if you are right in front of them.

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Live ChatLet our Live Operators Greet your web visitors, provide online Customer Services during their stay, and Generate Leads for you before they click-away! This solution provides all the features you need in a simple, flexible yet powerful interface. This simplicity means fast efficient connections with customers that will increase your sales while lowering your costs.

24/7 Website Live ChatOur web professionals will use various techniques to capture your visitor and generate new opportunities for your sales force. Each web professional is put through a vigourous training program compounded by intense product training. Our web professionals will implement professional chat etiquette and strategies that will lead to a higher conversion rate for your website. Live website customer service is a robust application, hosted on our network. This provides for rapid deployment (in minutes) and no need for expensive infrastructure, IT support or to add new employees. Simply place the HTML on your site and we will begin monitoring visitors and providing live website customer service.

Live Chat Increases Quality Of LeadsQuality, Quality, Quality is what we focus on.  If a potential client needs help they are going to call immediately.  Unless:

  • The potential client is at work & can't make a call
  • It's after hours & the potential wants to schedule an appointment.

These two scenarios happen every single day if you have live chat on your website. If you don't then you could see a 20 to 30% increase in your lead count.

Live Chat Increases ConversionIncreasing your website's ability to convert visitors into leads is the difference between success & failure.  We give you the ability to target visitors based on many factors.

  • Keyword phrase used to find you
  • whether or not its a repeat visitor
  • specific page or section of website
  • location including city, state, zip
Live Chat is AffordableMany if not most people haven't realized that you can protect your pay per click budget.  We are able to watch every single visitor of your website in real time.  We also capture how the visitor was referred to your site.  If a visitor is clicking on your pay per click ad over and over, we are able to capture their ip address & block them from seeing your ads.  

We will capture and block
  • Repetetive Fake Clicks
  • Clicks From Competitors
  • Clicks From Marketing Firms
Increasingly, companies are finding that a website is nice to have, but does not result in the type of return they anticipated. Now days more must be done to create a unique experience for your visitor. Satisfied customers may be happy with a recent experience, but often do not have an emotional connection with your site. This lack of an emotional connection often results in customers with high levels of customer satisfaction switching to competitors for reasons such as a minor cost difference or a slightly more convenient location.

On the other hand, Customer Engagement is a must have for the best and most successful companies in the world. What does an engaged customer look like?

We have found four characteristics of Customer Engagement:

Retention: Engaged customers will spend more with you over their lifetime than with your competition.

Effort: Engaged customers will actually go out of their way to do business with you – even spend more to benefit from your products, service and brand.

Advocacy: Engaged customers spread the good word, making it easier and cheaper for you to attract new customers.

Passion: Engaged customers are passionate about the brand – so passionate that they may even spend time actively promoting the brand to others and will defend the brand if others speak negatively about it. Passion is what separates CGMIMM's measure of Customer Engagement from the typical measures of customer satisfaction.

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